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Become a professional Russian escort in Benidorm

Our agency caters to high profile people only. These men are always looking for models or lively girls for relaxation. Hence, we are always looking for young models and college students who want to live a glamorous life as well as earn handsomely too. If you are an aspiring model or college student and enjoy going on date with men; then you are definitely in the right place. You will work as a Russian escort in Benidorm for us.

You will meet handsome young men not only from all over the world, dine in fine restaurants, attend social parties and finally make tender love to make their dating experience unique one. For some hours, you will be their close friend and an intense lover at the same time.

We will give you sufficient training before sending you on field. We will teach you about multiple ways of making love, how to behave like an elegant lady, how to be interesting all the time and what to wear for particular occasion. Overall, we will change your personality from a normal girl to a complete seductress.

Please send us some of your beautiful pictures through form as displayed below. Once your pictures are selected, we will call you for personal interview where your body features and your attitude would be examined. Once you are selected, we will give you a two weeks training on how to behave like an elegant escort. Once training period is over; we will send you on date with finest gentlemen from all over the world. As an escort, you have to play their loving girlfriend for some hours with whom they can share all their feelings as well as fulfill their body needs too. So, please fill up the online form as displayed below and live a glamorous life which you always dreamed of.